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Keyboard customisation is a big deal at the moment, and you don’t have to look far to find a host of different ways to tweak your favourite clicky clacky device to your heart’s content. For those of you with an axe to grind however, Dbrand has just released a limited edition aluminium keycap with the immortal words “Fuck off” milled directly into the face. Call me crude if you must, but I want one. Badly.

Simply called “Enter”, it’s currently available in three different finishes, from the rather pretty “neochrome” all the way to a black as pure as my dark, dark heart. It’s not the only limited edition keycap on offer here either, the other being “The Pyramid”. This apparently came from an idea to create an escape key that stabs whoever presses it, which should please the sado-masochists amongst you or perhaps make you think twice before ragequitting your favourite games.

Both these keycaps are designed to be compatible with keyboards that use a Cherry profile, and while it’s tempting to roll our eyes at the somewhat edgy branding it’s nice to see some aesthetic variation in customisable keys beyond different colourways. I’m not sure where this trend might go next, but it’s fun to imagine a world where our boring everyday peripherals could be transformed into a cornucopia of strange and esoteric buttons. 

Personally I’d like my input devices to be more reminiscent of the controls of Moya from the fondly-remembered sci-fi TV show Farscape. Give me wheels and levers and spikes and knobs that make strange noises. Why the hell not. 

For now, we’ll have to make do with a sweary enter key and a spiky escape. Still, who amongst us wouldn’t feel a little better slamming a “Fuck off” key at the end of a particularly spicy email, or a little swell of pride at the sight of a tiny pyramid where their escape key should be?

No? Just me? Alright then. But you know what to get me for Christmas at least.



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