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A House Divided Lessons Amid OpenAIs Chaos

A house divided: Lessons amid OpenAI’s chaos

This article explores the huge gap between OpenAI’s ambition and the average user’s expectations, as well as the mistakes made in their strategy.

Kristin Dorsett Leader Spotlight

Leader Spotlight: Matching talent to problems, with Kristin Dorsett

Kristin Dorsett, Chief Product Officer at Viator, talks about her job of putting her best people on the hardest problems.

A Guide To Conducting Market Research

A guide to conducting market research

Market research is the process of gathering information about potential and current customers and your target audience.

Understanding the 3 types of jobs to be done

Product people tend to oversimplify the jobs-to-be-done framework by focusing only on the most straightforward part — customers’ functional jobs — and ignoring their emotional and social needs.



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