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Marketing Podcast with Brett Martin

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Brett Martin. Brett is a co-founder of Kumospace, the virtual HQ for remote teams, and Charge Ventures, a pre/seed VC based in Brooklyn, NY. He also serves as Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School, where he teaches data analytics.

Key Takeaway:

With the shift to remote work, employers are trying to find effective ways to stay in touch with their employees, no matter where they are in the world. Zoom fatigue is real. A virtual workspace allows teams to thrive together no matter where they are by bringing back the normalcy of being in a physical office, virtually. In this episode, Brett Martin, a co-founder of Kumospace, shares how h set out to create a solution to help virtual workers receive all the benefits of being in a physical office without the disadvantages of working remotely.

Questions I ask Brett Martin:

  • [1:34] What is Kumospace?
  • [2:37] Which would you say that Kumospace is a child of the pandemic or was this coming anyway?
  • [3:50] Does this replace completely replace Zoom or is it a supplement?
  • [4:32] What’s the clear and present benefit of adding this to a work environment?
  • [6:41] Describe an example of what a typical Kumospace looks like.
  • [11:52] Do you find in this setting that it improves communication?
  • [15:34] Are you seeing any surprising users?
  • [14:21] What are some of the other toys you’ve built in?
  • [17:34] One of the things I’m guessing was a visual or design decision is the way the graphics appear – is that a technology choice or a design choice?
  • [18:51] Do you get pushback from people who work from home that think this is another way for employers to watch over their employees?
  • [21:41] What does the roadmap look like for Kumospace?
  • [23:42] Where can people connect with you?

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