Recently, I have been exploring the capabilities of VMware’s vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (from now on vRSLCM). vRSLCM is a product for deployment, configuration, upgrading & patching, scale-up and scale-out of VMware products like; vRealize Automation, Orchestrator, Operations Manager, Network Insight, Log Insight and Business for Cloud. See this link for more information.

I usually do this by first installing the product and then running various scenarios, such as this one for Log Insight:
1. Deploy a 3 node Log Insight cluster, version 8.6.0
2. Upgrade to version 8.6.2
3. Scale-Out, by adding an extra worker node to the cluster

My first attempt adding an extra worker node to the existing Log Insight cluster ended, after choosing “ADD COMPONENTS”, with the following message:

Fig. 1

The existing Log Insight nodes were up and running, so what happened?
A log file named
/var/log/vrlcm/vmware_vrlcm.log was very useful and explains what is happening during this action, see the following lines:

2022-05-26 12:57:06.750 INFO  [pool-3-thread-20] c.v.v.l.p.v.VrliScaleoutOvaValidationTask -  -- vRLI instance :: {
  "vrliHostName" : "vRLI-1.virtual.local",
  "port" : "9543",
  "username" : "admin",
  "password" : "JXJXJXJX",
  "provider" : "Local",
  "agentId" : null
2022-05-26 12:57:09.817 ERROR [pool-3-thread-20] c.v.v.l.d.v.r.c.VRLIRestClient -  -- Failed to get the vRLI authentication token. No route to host (Host unreachable)
2022-05-26 12:57:12.889 ERROR [pool-3-thread-20] c.v.v.l.p.v.VrliScaleoutOvaValidationTask -  -- Exception while validating the vRLI VA OVA for Scaleout : 

Port 9543 is used while communicating with the Log Insight API, the “Failed to get the vRLI authentication token” makes it clear that communication with the primary node, named vRLI-1.virtual.local, is not possible, hence the “No route to the host”. A ping command from the vRSLCM to the primary node by hostname, yields no results and is a confirmation that the DNS registration has gone haywire.

After the DNS registration is restored, the primary node is resolvable again and the scale-out can be continued.

Bottom line, when you see this message, check DNS and/or network connectivity to the targets.



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