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Most organizations today pursue a multi-cloud strategy, comprising two or more clouds, public and private. It’s because they want access to best-of-breed capabilities from any provider who can help them achieve their business outcomes.

We speak with customers like you every day who tell us overwhelmingly that multi-cloud is absolutely working for them. But they also admit that in making the move to multi-cloud, they’ve encountered unwanted complexity, almost as if by default. This is why so many organizations today seek a strategic partner like Dell to help simplify multi-cloud – by design.

At Dell Technologies World this past May, we announced new solutions designed to help simplify the multi-cloud experience across all your environments. Today, we’re revisiting a Silicon Angle chat with Caitlin Gordon, our VP of Product Management, and the latest on Project Alpine.

Experience Multi-Cloud by Design

Multi-cloud is about more than making use of multiple clouds. It’s about removing complexity, wherever possible, to derive more value from it.

Every public cloud is a disparate silo, a closed ecosystem, each with its own specialties and peculiarities, its own tools and technicalities. This creates several challenges that limit application interoperability or minimize your control of data. Yet, there are ways to overcome these challenges, unify operations among diverse cloud environments and create more consistency throughout your multi-cloud enterprise.

By implementing multi-cloud by design, you can take advantage of simplified cloud experiences everywhere – anywhere that applications and data reside – while increasing IT agility and control. You can move applications among clouds and connect data with ease while avoiding vendor lock-in. You can gain financial flexibility with transparent pricing and predictable monthly payments. And you can maintain more control of your data to minimize risk and maximize performance – all on your terms.

Consume Dell Storage as-a-service in the Major Public Clouds

One way we enable multi-cloud by design is with Project Alpine, a strategic initiative that brings the software of our flagship block, file and object storage platforms to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. This creates consistency, connectivity and compatibility between Dell storage deployed on-premises and in the major public clouds.

For example, if you’ve deployed Dell PowerScale in your data center, you’ll be able to procure its software as a virtual appliance for file services in public cloud marketplaces. As a result, your IT teams can use the same management tools they’re already familiar with – down to the user interface – so no additional training will be needed. In addition, you’ll get cloud bursting capabilities, enabling you to easily scale on-premises resources by quickly spinning up equivalent services in a public cloud. And with Dell storage virtual appliances in the public cloud of your choice, there’s no need for time-consuming and costly application refactoring.

Project Alpine combines the best of both worlds, bringing together the Dell Technologies innovation you trust with the public cloud ease and agility you love. To learn more about Project Alpine, watch the full video above or read the tech preview blog here.



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