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Vocus has signed up with SpaceX to offer Starlink Business LEOsat services to enterprise and government customers.

The product, called “Vocus Satellite – Starlink”, will have local support and integration services.

The LEO service will supplement Vocus’ geostationary satellite services delivered through NBN Co’s Skymuster bird.

As well as SpaceX, the fibre and network services company has deals with OneWeb and the yet-to-launch AWS Kuiper.

In New Zealand, Vocus is building ground stations for Starlink. According to the ACMA register of radiocommunication licenses, SpaceX plans around 40 earth stations in Australia.

“New technologies that challenge the status quo – like LEO satellite – need like-minded organisations to deliver full value,” Vocus’ development manager for space and satellite Ashley Neale said.

“Customers on Vocus’ fibre network running mission-critical operations at their sites will now have another option for reach and redundancy, providing extra assurance for business continuity, with personalised service built on industry best practice.”

The Starlink services will be offered for self-installation or with a premium installation option.

Starlink Business provides a high gain antenna, additional throughput allocation (compared to the consumer offering), and extreme weather performance, helping ensure high bandwidth and low latency for critical operations 24/7.



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