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While trying to finish a NSX-T upgrade within VCF, it failed on the post upgrade check. Turns out, it was looking to see if the backup job was scheduled. Seeing that error, it seemed simple to enable within the UI. Navigating to the UI the “Schedule Recurring Backup” Menu seemed to die and never actually came back, so scheduling via the UI was not possible.

Looking around and trying to use powershell did not result in a quick fix, so checking out the API, it turns out there is a simple command to check backup config:

#Done in Postman: 
GET https://bblab-nsxt.bblab.com/api/v1/cluster/backups/config

Using the results from above and seeing what is required from the API guide:

#Done in Postman:
PUT https://bblab-nsxt.bblab.com/api/v1/cluster/backups/config

   "backup_enabled" : true,
      "resource_type": "WeeklyBackupSchedule",
    "remote_file_server": {
        "server": "bblab-backup1.bblab.com",
        "port": 22,
        "protocol": {
            "protocol_name": "sftp",
            "ssh_fingerprint": "SHA256:8rSvQEq8d8D*9389D8jKJDjk89dqZP0",
            "authentication_scheme": {
                "scheme_name": "PASSWORD",
                "username": "adminofbackups"
        "directory_path": "/nsxt-backup/bblab-nsxt"

The above PUT command worked without issue, now VCF can finish the post upgrade check and all went well



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