Discord, the popular gamer-targeted chat platform, is finally adding a text channel to each voice channel in a server. The feature is aptly named “Text chat in voice channels,” because why complicate it?

If you don’t know what this means, let us break it down. Discord servers are essentially big group chats with the ability to form other chats within the Discord server for specific purposes and communities. Communications primarily take place with text-based messages, but voice chat channels are also a big selling point. With these channels, anyone can drop in or drop out at any time without having to host a room, as they do in other meeting apps like Skype and Zoom. 

If, for instance, someone in a voice channel wants to send a YouTube video link to other people in the voice chat, the link often gets sent to the “general” text channel or a channel specifically for chats pertaining to that voice channel, like a text-based “voice-chat-spam” channel.

Discord Text Channels

Discord Text Channels (Image credit: Future)

With Text in voice channels, each voice channel has its own text channel attached to it. Whether you’re in that voice channel or not, you’ll be able to access the text channel as you would a normal text channel.



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