As we roll out Jupiter throughout the end-user interface of cPanel & WHM, we’ve received consistent feedback that the state of our translations needs attention. Though we briefly mentioned translations in a previous blog post, we want to dive a bit deeper into the topic, provide some additional context, and then share what we’re going to do about it.

First and foremost, we need to acknowledge the customers who have sent in feedback about our translations. We’ve heard you loud and clear. Thank you for your tickets, your engagement in our forums and social media, your posts on our feature request site, and for chatting directly with us on Discord. Your feedback has been invaluable.

The internet is inherently global. Hosting customers come from all walks of life. Not having great language support, consistent quality, and total coverage is truly a missed mark on our part.

So let’s talk about what we are going to do about it.

As we mentioned, we’ve scrambled an ad-hoc team around our current translation dev-ops pipeline and empowered them to do what is necessary. Translations must flow (Dune reference intentional, we’re all big fans.)

The ad-hoc team is targeting coverage concerns by updating our pipeline to support more complex strings, identifying poorly composed strings, and studying the most important languages we absolutely must translate first. Additionally, the team is working with our colleagues from other Webpros companies to tap into the resources they already have.

Even with all of this attention and development, translation is still inherently a human task. “But what about google translate?” you might ask, “Couldn’t you just put all your strings through Google Translate?” Machine translation can only take us so far in terms of quality and complexity. It becomes pretty evident which parts of our UI are machine-translated and which are not. Our strategy is to use machine translation to assist, not replace, human translators in their work.

It’s our hope over the coming weeks and months to be able to ship complete and high-quality translations continuously as translators deliver their work to us. It is an important aspect of the user experience and one that we owe you to get right.



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