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The internet has been through an exceptionally rapid scale of evolution in the last three decades. Web 3.0 enables the facility for sharing information and interacting with each other through images, videos, and audio in immersive three-dimensional environments. The next generation of the internet has been garnering interest from venture capital firms and many popular tech companies. 

At the same time, the popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency systems has also fuelled the web3 landscape. If you want to know about the top tech firms investing in web 3.0, then you must have an idea about the potential of the web3 market. The web3 market could reach a total value of almost $81.5 billion by 2030, owing to the faster development of web3 services. The following discussion helps you discover an outline of top companies investing in web 3.0 across different industries.

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Why is Web3 Essential?

The foremost requirement of users in the existing digital age points to privacy. Today, internet users seek privacy for their personal and professional information more than ever. The expansion of web 2.0 has also brought forward many concerns pertaining to control over personal data and digital identities. People have been using social media platforms in large numbers, and this has resulted in a formidable breach of privacy. 

The growth of web2 has unknowingly forced users to share their personal data with big tech companies. For example, Facebook keeps track of each and every activity you post on the platform, the type of posts you like, and the time you spend on the platform. No matter what you post on Facebook, thinking that it is your original content, it ultimately falls under the ownership of Facebook. 

The necessity of web3 companies has not evolved solely on the grounds of problems in data ownership. As a matter of fact, firms collect data through the analysis of web activities of individuals. Companies can use these insights to target customers with specific schemes which would match their interests. 

Web3 changes these elements by introducing a decentralized web cluster that allows users to interact, create and exercise ownership over their own digital content. It removes the intermediaries and provides the foundation for decentralizing the internet. The expansion of web3 has successfully attracted the attention of top tech companies such as Meta, Apple, and Amazon. 

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Which Companies Are Investing In Web3?

Web3 would introduce the benefits of decentralization, and everything blockchain has to offer, including immutability and availability of applications. It would help in making the internet more user-friendly by ensuring better interactions between humans and computers. Most important of all, web3 relies profoundly on allocating complete ownership and control over the digital experiences and content to users. 

The favorable opportunities associated with web 3.0 technologies create interest in details about web3 companies to invest in right now. At the same time, it is also important to notice how the tech companies in different sectors utilize web3 technologies. Here is an outline of some of the top tech companies in the field of web 3.0 in different industries. 


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Social Media and Entertainment

The most appealing use cases of web3 have been evident in the domain of social media and entertainment. Many companies in the field of social media and entertainment have introduced promising initiatives in web3. Here are some of the big tech companies invested in social media and entertainment applications in web3. 

1. Meta


The hype around top tech firms investing in web 3.0 became stronger in 2021 when Facebook announced its rebranding to Meta. The head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, outlined the vision for transforming the social media platform into a completely immersive Metaverse space. 

In addition, the social media giant has also invested huge sums of capital in developing virtual reality headsets for accessing its metaverse. The company has also applied for different trademark registrations pertaining to cryptos, such as crypto exchanges, crypto trading, metaverse wallets, and crypto-wallets.

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2. Instagram


The next entry among web3 companies in the field of social media and entertainment refers to Instagram. The chief of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, had opened up on the plans of the company for exploring NFTs. On top of it, Mark Zuckerberg also announced that NFTs would be a part of the Instagram community soon. 

The chief of Meta has also emphasized the fact that Instagram would roll out NFTs gradually over the next few months to ensure seamless access for all users. In addition, the company has also expressed plans for offering the facility of NFT minting in the Instagram ecosystem. 

3. Twitter


The other notable name in top companies investing in web 3.0 in the social media sector is Twitter. The popular social media platform has been an active participant in the recent NFT wave, with BAYC and CryptoPunk NFTs dominating the profile pictures on Twitter.

Twitter has allowed the facility for users to select an NFT as their profile picture if they have subscribed to Twitter Blue. Owners of verified NFTs could have their digital assets on the profile picture. The popularity of Twitter NFTs is one of the prominent factors which can drive future investments of the company in web3.

4. Steemit


Another emerging name among web3 companies to invest in would refer to Steemit. It is a social media and blogging platform developed on blockchain and maintains a strong focus on various web3 concepts. Most important of all, the platform also features a reward system that enables users to earn the native token STEEM in return for sharing content. 

5. PeerTube


The examples of companies investing in web3 in the entertainment sector would draw the limelight towards PeerTube. The company offers an open-source and free video-sharing platform based on web3 technology. PeerTube leverages a peer-to-peer protocol for reducing loading time which helps users in broadcasting videos without concerns of bandwidth overload. 

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Finance Technology

The list of companies investing in web3 technologies also draws the discussion toward the finance industry. You can find the following entries among the best web3 companies invested in the domain of finance technology.

6. Block


The renowned fintech company, Block, is one of the foremost names among web 3.0 companies in the domain of finance. Block has planned on introducing Bitcoin mining, which can help in improving accessibility and efficiency of crypto mining. Furthermore, the company also plans on developing a completely permissionless and decentralized infrastructure for the future. The company also plans on developing a new ASIC for better ease of mining alongside improving resilience of mining networks.

7. BitMari


The list of top tech companies investing in web 3.0 in financial services would also include the name of BitMari. It is a popular payment platform that has entered into a collaboration with the Zimbabwe Bank of Agriculture recently. The platform would facilitate innovative methods for accessing financial services on the foundations of web3 technologies. It can help users make online and offline payments easily without the need for any financial intermediaries like banks.


8. Everledger


You can also come across interesting examples like Everledger in answers to “Which companies are investing in web3?” in the banking technology sector. Everledger is one of the notable examples of using web3 technologies to drive improvements in basic functionalities. It is basically an asset and supply chain management company focused on offering permanent and secure digital records to users. The features of Everledger in secure identity management can help in safeguarding banks and users from malicious and fraudulent activities.   

9. Algorand 


Algorand is another notable name among popular web3 companies to invest in, with promising implications for the finance sector. The platform aims to reduce the distance between web3 technologies and the domain of finance. Algorand blends new web3 technologies such as cryptocurrencies and smart contracts for facilitating faster transactions. At the same time, it also ensures considerably lower transaction fees, thereby driving better ease of financial transactions in web3 ecosystems. 

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Digital Services

The scope of tech companies investing in web3 has also included platforms dealing with important digital services such as music streaming and online search. Here are the most notable examples of top companies investing in web 3.0 in the field of digital services.      

10. Alphabet


The parent company of the world’s biggest and most trusted search engine, i.e., Google, has been one of the early supporters of web3. Alphabet is currently one of the biggest companies exploring the power of web3 technologies for achieving a competitive edge. The CEO of Alphabet has recently announced the plans for integrating blockchain technology into the core ecosystem of the company. 

In addition, the CEO also revealed details about plans for adding more AR-compliant features and blockchain tools in popular applications. As one of the top tech companies investing in web 3.0, Alphabet can revolutionize digital services like Google Maps. Furthermore, the team at Alphabet also plans on empowering its customer support services with blockchain technology.

11. Spotify


The answers to “Which companies are investing in web3?” in the domain of digital services would also focus on Spotify. The popular music streaming app took note of the growth in web3-based music portals and has started active efforts related to web3. Spotify has now opened up many vacancies for job positions in the web3 landscape in different roles within web3. 

Interestingly, top music artists such as Snoop Dogg, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber have adopted NFTs. Non-fungible tokens have offered the facility for musicians to connect directly with their fans. For example, artists can sell their albums as NFTs with special merchandise or access to front-row seats of their next concert show. As NFTs and other web3 technologies start making their way into the world of music, Spotify would be one of the top candidates to look out for adoption of web3. 

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Data Storage

The outline of different companies investing in web 3.0 also includes data storage solutions. Here are the top choices in web3 companies offering data storage solutions.   

12. Filecoin  


Filecoin is one of the popular entries among web3 platforms as an open-source storage service provider. It focuses on providing rewards to users at all levels. The platform features a monetization system that rewards users with Filecoin tokens according to the storage they offer. In addition, the assurance of high-bandwidth connections also ensures the ease of faster data retrieval.

13. Anmai Cloud  

Anmai Cloud

Anmai Cloud is also a reliable name among web3 companies to invest in, especially in the domain of data storage solutions. The company aims to develop a completely new variation of web3 infrastructure for revolutionizing the data storage industry. Anmai Cloud focuses profoundly on resolving security and privacy issues through a decentralized storage model. On top of it, the support of advanced encryption service provides the assurance for stable, efficient, and productive web3 user experiences with data storage.


14. Web3.Storage


The idea of Web3.Storage depends a lot on the fundamental design of Filecoin. It helps in storing data and content across distributed nodes in a cryptographically secure manner. Developers could capitalize on the open nature of web3 technologies and flexibility of data storage infrastructures for easier and faster data retrieval. 

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The applications of web3 in core technology applications is also one of the notable highlights in top tech companies investing in web 3.0 with big names making advancements. Here are some of the notable tech companies invested in core technology applications of web 3.0.

15. Amazon


The first candidate in the list of best tech companies investing in web3 would refer to Amazon. It has employed many strategic initiatives for exploring the web3 ecosystem, such as the Amazon Managed Blockchain. The Amazon Managed Blockchain is a fully managed service that helps in developing and managing scalable blockchain networks. 

On top of it, Amazon Managed Blockchain also supports different public and private blockchain solutions with the flexibility for reducing overhead expenses. Amazon has also included the feature of automatic scaling, which helps in faster execution of multiple transactions.

16. Shopify


The popular ecommerce builder platform Shopify is also another prominent choice among top companies investing in web 3.0 for core technology improvements. Shopify has been actively exploring the potential of web3 technology. The company had launched a beta version of its NFT-enabled marketplace with the facility for minting and selling digital collectibles on various blockchain networks. The new marketplace also supported the features for purchasing non-fungible tokens by using cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the team has also planned on introducing new and powerful AI features in the Shopify tech stack.

17. Tesla 


The reputation of Tesla for innovation makes it an obvious candidate for web3 adoption. Interestingly, Tesla has shown massive growth in its services within the web3 landscape. As one of the top tech companies investing in web 3.0, Tesla has recently adopted blockchain for traceability use cases. Tesla has utilized blockchain for tracking cobalt from the mines to the battery through a transparent, decentralized, global, and open setup. Furthermore, Tesla is also slated to provide solar installation and batteries for power support to a crypto mine in Texas planned by companies such as Block and Blockstream.

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The wide-ranging applications of web3 technologies have also created the possibilities for companies using web3 in the domain of eSports. Here is an example of a top company using web3 technology in the field of eSports.

18. Sony


Sony has filed many patents for supporting the use of cryptocurrencies for in-game wagering for eSports. The patent application includes support for physical as well as virtual currencies to facilitate in-game betting. Sony is one of the popular examples of web3 companies working on development of real-time channels for players to place wagers during eSports games. In addition, the company also plans on extending the technology to consoles by other firms and other devices such as computers, VR headsets, smartphones, and laptops. 

Messaging Applications 

The extensive use cases of web3 technologies also include better privacy and security for digital identities in messaging applications. Here are some of the top companies investing in web 3.0 to transform the use of messaging applications.

19. Secretum


Secretum is one of the emerging web3-based companies with a messaging network. The messaging network has been designed on Solana blockchain with the facility for complete encryption and storage of all conversations on distributed nodes. In addition, the sign-up process would demand the crypto wallet address only, thereby avoiding the need for revealing personal information.


20. Matrix


The next answer among web3 examples in the field of messaging applications would refer to Matrix. It is a decentralized messaging ecosystem that can resolve the issues with fragmented IP communications. The ultimate objective of the web3 messaging platform focuses on making communication completely free and open with a standard and global network accessible to everyone. 

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Bottom Line 

The overview of the answers to “Which companies are investing in web3?” serves a credible impression of the diversity of the companies. You can find web3 technology companies serving different sectors such as finance, digital services, data storage, social media and entertainment, and messaging applications. 

Each company invested in web3 applications wants to capitalize on the unique traits in the web3 ecosystem. The transition towards web3 would obviously call for transformations in existing tech companies on a massive scale. However, the companies which can prepare for web3 from now will have a competitive edge. Explore to learn more about web3 and its potential.

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