Tech brand Shargeek will soon be launching the wholesome, Apple Macintosh-inspired Retro 35 GaN Charger, after a massively successful Indiegogo campaign led to the product attracting over 4,500% of its crowdfunding goal.

The charger, shaped like an adorably small early Macintosh computer, can still be pre-ordered from the product’s Indiegogo campaign page (opens in new tab) with a special ‘early bird’ discount. It’s selling fast, which isn’t surprising as it’s priced at just $25 / £20 (about AU$35 for a single charger, or $48 / £38 for a pack of two. Shipping is slated to begin in July (via 9to5Mac).

The charger is cute, impressively tiny, and comes with a healthy selection of decals which you can apply to its display. The display itself is also color-coded to reflect how fast your device is charging: a white light represents no charge, while yellow, blue and green lights indicate normal, fast and super-fast charging respectively.

Shargeek Macintosh charger

(Image credit: Shargeek)

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