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After years of cycling through mice that were never quite right for me, I found the Logitech G Pro X Superlight. It’s a wireless gaming mouse that is feather-light and has a battery that lasts so long that it has me looking at other wired mice in disgust. I can’t go back anymore.

Amazon has dropped the price of the first generation G Pro X Superlight down to $109.99, shaving off around $20 of its usual price. It’s not our favorite wireless gaming mouse overall (that’s the Razer Deathadder V3 Pro), but it’s certainly one of the lightest (63g, same as the Deathadder V3 Pro) and most comfortable. And to me, that’s pretty essential for something you might use for hours at a time.

Some people might look at its extremely simple design and balk: it doesn’t have RGB or a whole numpad’s worth of side buttons. Instead, it’s a mouse for gamers who want something simple, ergonomic, and accurate. Occasionally I’ll miss having extra buttons while managing a list of spells in Final Fantasy 14, but for everything else, it’s perfect.

Battery life is the G Pro X Superlight’s best feature, and the reason why you can’t convince me to go back to a wired mouse. It’s rated for 70 hours of use and, in my experience, it can get real close to that. When I first bought it, I was worried that I’d have to fuss with keeping it charged all the time. That’s just not the case. It lasts forever and it charges up from around 10% battery to 100% in like 30 minutes, and being free from a wire dragging you down during games is great. Even the best braided cables can’t beat having absolutely nothing anchoring you to your PC.

You’ll need Logitech’s software to tweak its settings. The DPI can go all the way to 25,600 if you’re some kind of competitive OSU player or something, but there’s no physical switch on the mouse for it if you want to swap it on the fly. And like every Logitech mouse, you can bind macros to its buttons.

Every time I try to use another mouse they feel worse than the G Pro X Superlight. No other mouse moves like it in games where any interruption would screw with the experience. I regularly play in hyper-fast Overwatch 2 matches with its most mobile characters and the G Pro X Superlight never stumbles. If it were to ever break—and I’ve had zero issues with it for three years now—I wouldn’t want any other mouse. Logitech released an updated version of it that’s even lighter and has a bigger battery, but I’d save your money and go with the original.



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