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It’s been nearly two years since we’ve seen GPU deals that were actually worth discussing. The global supply chain issues aren’t fully resolved, but the declining GPU mining profitability has improved supply for the rest of us, and all of the best graphics cards are now in stock at retail, with reasonable GPU prices as a bonus. We’ll list the best GPU prices we’ve found on all the latest offerings, as well as spotlighting the top five deals overall.

If you’ve been trying to find a reasonably priced Nvidia GeForce RTX 30-series Ampere or AMD Radeon RX 6000-series RDNA 2 GPU since 2020, the wait may finally be over. Unfortunately, the next wait has already queued up, and we’re now looking forward to Ada RTX 40-series and RDNA 3 RX 7000-series GPUs, which should land before the end of the year, but probably not until September or later. Those will both almost certainly launch at the higher end of the price and performance spectrum as well, which means anyone looking for a reasonably priced budget to mid-range graphics card will need to wait longer or settle for one of the current generation cards.

We’re going to cover every available GPU from both the RTX 30-series and RX 6000-series, starting at the bottom and moving to the top for Nvidia and then AMD. For roughly comparable performance — though not fully accounting for DLSS or ray tracing performance — AMD’s GPUs are generally the better value right now. Nvidia’s GPUs remain far ahead in terms of market share, however, and overall demand for Team Green’s products tends to be higher, which explains the premium pricing. As always, our advice is to only upgrade when you truly feel the need for something faster, not just because something new and shiny is available. 

Best GPU Deals Overall

RTX 30-Series and RX 6000-Series Performance

If you’re looking for how the cards stack up in terms of performance, here’s the high level overview using our standard gaming suite — meaning, no DXR, DLSS, or FSR is used. We tested all of the cards at 1080p medium and ultra, dropped the RX 6400 at 1440p ultra, and only included the RX 6700 XT / RTX 3070 and above at 4K ultra.

AMD takes the pole position at 1080p and 1440p, while Nvidia takes the crown for 4K. Given the growing number of games with DLSS support, plus Nvidia’s generally superior ray tracing performance, you might want to add 10% or so to the Nvidia figures as a ballpark “bonus” for those features. Or not, but there are some valid reasons people are willing to pay a bit more for otherwise comparable Nvidia performance.

Nvidia RTX 30-Series GPU Deals



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