8BitDo Ultimate controller used with an iPhone

Apple Arcade gamers can now use some of the best controllers with iOS – 101et.com

#Apple #Arcade #gamers #controllers #iOS It’s great news for iOS device owners, and Apple Arcade subscribers, as 8BitDo has updated its excellent third-party controllers to

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15 Best Apps to Make Music With Just Your Phone (Android & iOS) – 101et.com

#Apps #Music #Phone #Android #iOS Our lives are unpredictable without smartphones, as phones allow us to communicate with family and friends. Additionally, this gives us

Representational image depecting cybersecurity protection
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There's a whole load of other macOS and iOS security flaws to worry about – 101et.com

#There039s #load #macOS #iOS #security #flaws #worry If you haven’t yet applied the latest patches for your Apple devices (both macOS and iOS), you should

Two iPhones showing new iOS 16.4 features

5 super-useful features coming to your iPhone in iOS 16.4 – 101et.com

#superuseful #features #coming #iPhone #iOS If you’ve just installed iOS 16.3.1 and were disappointed to find only basic bug fixes for iCloud and Siri issues,

City lifestyle woman hands working on computer typing laptop keyboard
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How to secure your iOS device to prevent unwanted access

Leaving your iOS device unattended can pose a security risk as more iOS users are carrying personal information on their devices. Keep it secure with

Google Pixel 7 with foliage behind

Your Android smartphone could be getting a popular iOS 16 camera feature – 101et.com

#Android #smartphone #popular #iOS #camera #feature Usually, Android devices are the testbed for innovative smartphone features that Apple designers eventually improve upon and incorporate into

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These fake iOS apps just want to trick you out of your crypto – 101et.com

#fake #iOS #apps #trick #crypto A known cryptocurrency fraud which leverages fake trading apps to trick people into giving away their hard-earned money made it

An iPhone showing the new live activities monitor.
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Using live activities in iOS 16.2 and enabling frequent updating

Live Activities are a new app-based tile that can appear on the Lock Screen in iOS 16 and keep you up to date with information.

iOS 16.3 Advanced Data Protection and App Tracking

Why Apple's overall Privacy focus in iOS 16.3 and macOS 13.2 is a big deal – 101et.com

#Apple039s #Privacy #focus #iOS #macOS #big #deal Privacy and Apple go hand in hand – it has for years now, and its recent video starring

How to Rename and Tag Files When Saving in iOS 16
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How to Rename and Tag Files When Saving in iOS 16

Learn how to save files in iOS 16 and rename or tag them at the same time before syncing through the Files app. Image: Cory