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As critical data expands across multiple platforms and multiple clouds, it becomes an easy target for cyberattacks. These fears are consistent with those found in the 2022 Global Data Protection Index, which reported that 67% of IT decision-makers are not confident that all business-critical data can be recovered after a destructive cyberattack.¹ Regardless of your data location and industry, you still need strategies to reduce the impact of cyberattacks and improve cyber resiliency.

Customers want to unlock the benefits of multicloud with flexibility and choice, while still protecting their organization from ransomware and cyberattacks. To address this demand, Dell Technologies has expanded the availability of cyber recovery offerings so organizations can increase cyber resilience in the Google public cloud.

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud lets organizations deploy an isolated cyber vault in the Google cloud so they can securely protect and isolate data away from a ransomware attack. Unlike standard backup solutions, this isolated vault locks down management interfaces, requiring separate security credentials and multi-factor authentication for access –completely managed from within the vault in Google. If an attack occurs, it provides flexible recovery options, including recovery within the data center, a new Google private network or a Google environment not impacted by the cyberattack to best support an organization’s needs.

Workflow graphic illustrating how Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud operates.

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud uses proven capabilities similar to Dell Technologies’ on-premises version but adapted to leverage the power of Google. The PowerProtect Cyber Recovery software, which automates and orchestrates the data vaulting process, runs within a Google virtual network (VNet), where it is isolated from normal access through secure design and Google security capabilities. PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition (DDVE) protects data synced into the vault, offering proven security and efficiency. Administrative access to the Cyber Recovery management console, when necessary for changes, is provisioned through a secure jump host, with access further limited by IP whitelisting and multi-factor authentication.

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud is the latest Dell Technologies data protection solution available as a transactable offer through the Google Marketplace, enabling customers to leverage their existing Google subscription. Dell Technologies is committed to providing fast access to Dell’s portfolio of data protection offerings for Google with a simple purchase. What’s more, Dell Technologies gives you flexibility, allowing you to purchase Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud how you want – either directly through Dell or through Google Marketplace.

At Dell Technologies, we are focused on helping you secure, protect, and recover data in the event of a cyberattack with the industry’s most innovative solutions. We stop at nothing to be your trusted partner for modern security solutions and services that enhance IT resiliency, reduce complexity and provide peace of mind that your organization and its data are protected.

Learn more about Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery here.

1 Based on research by Vanson Bourne commissioned by Dell Technologies, “Global Data Protection Index 2022 Snapshot,” carried out August – October 2022.  Results were derived from a total of 1,000 IT decision makers worldwide from both private and public organizations with 250+ employees.



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