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Black Friday week sees this powerful RTX 4070 Ti graphics card drop to its lowest-ever price – making it a worthy buy if you want to construct a new gaming rig or upgrade the graphics power of your current gaming PC. 

You can find this Black Friday deal over at Newegg where the MSI Ventus Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti OC has been reduced to just $719 thanks to a combination of a rebate and discount code for a stacking $50 price reduction. 

Our GPU hierarchy shows how the RTX 4070 Ti performs in benchmarks in relation to the competition from AMD and its 40-series brethren. Although a massive jump in generational pricing compared to its 30-series counterpart, the passage of time and sales events like Black Friday have slowly seen the cost of upgrading to the RTX 4070 Ti become more palatable. 

When we reviewed the RTX 4070 Ti, our suite of gaming benchmark testing provided some insightful results for how this card stacked up against the competition in terms of gaming performance on ultra-settings at 4K. Take a look at just one of our charts for an idea of how the RTX 4070 Ti, performed. 

Using a 4-nanometer TSMC process the RTX 4070 Ti packs in an impressive 35.8 billion transistors to deliver 240 Tensor cores and 60 ray tracing cores. With speeds up to 2640 MHz when boosting, the MSI Ventus Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti OC will help power a gaming PC to run all the latest and greatest video game titles to their full potential. 

A benefit of purchasing and equipping a new 40-series GPU in your system is its access to the best-in-class ray-tracing performance compared to AMD and Intel, which do not compare equally to Nvidia from benchmark testing ray-tracing in games. Another selling point is Nvidia’s DLSS 3 software, including its latest 3.5 update which features Ray Reconstruction, a new AI-powered technique that further enhances the quality of ray tracing in some limited titles. 



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