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Reposaur is the open source compliance tool for development platforms.

Audit, verify and report on your data and configurations easily with pre-defined and/or custom policies.
Supports GitHub. GitLab, BitBucket and Gitea support soon.


  • Custom policies using the Rego policy language (learn more)
  • A simple, composable and easy-to-use CLI (learn more)
  • Extendable using a straightforward SDK (written in Go)
  • Reports follow the standard SARIF format, enabling easy integrations with different systems
  • Policies can be unit tested, guaranteeing they work as expected
  • Integration with the major development platforms (see Integrations)
  • Easily integrate new platforms using the SDK

Homebrew Tap

$ brew install reposaur/tap/reposaur

DEB, RPM and APK Packages

Download the .deb.rpm or .apk packages from the releases page and install them with the appropriate tools.


$ go install github.com/reposaur/reposaur/cmd/rsr@latest

Platform Status Details
GitHub In progress Provider • GitHub App • GitHub Actions
GitLab Planned N/A
Gitea Planned N/A
BitBucket Not planned N/A



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