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You know you want to press it. But what does it do? This Raspberry Pi Pico project from Dmytro Panin does whatever you want! It’s a single-key USB keyboard that can be programmed and customized to perform a wide variety of functions. Panin calls it the Big Orange Button or just BOB for short.

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We’ve seen Pi-powered keyboards before but this is the most hazardous-looking one we’ve seen yet—and it’s just one key! The housing and button cap were designed by Panin and 3D printed. Inside, the button and HID function is operated by one of Pimoroni’s Tiny 2040. Tiny 2040 uses the same RP2040 SoC as the Raspberry Pi Pico, and the new Raspberry Pi Pico W. The super small form factor makes it ideal for simple projects that don’t need a full-sized Pico to function.



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