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The concept of quadruped robots isn’t new, but it’s as cool and fascinating today as it was a few decades ago when four-legged robots first surfaced. While there have been great advancements in the field of robotics since, it’s important to continue to push forward and inspire the next generation of engineers. Petoi carries on this mission by developing products like Bittle that teaches young robot enthusiasts the mechanics of building and programming their inventions.

Bittle is a programmable robot dog targeted at robotic beginners ages 14 years and up, or anyone who wants to have fun learning and playing with robots. Priced at $339 (assembled), Bittle comes programmed with a few starter tricks like walk and trot that learners can try out to familiarize them with what the robot can do, and then later expand to more complex types of behavior. This may seem like an expensive STEM kit, especially in today’s economy, but it’s fairly affordable compared to similar quadruped products on the market right now. In fact, some servo-based quadruped robots like the Xgo Mini or the PuppyPi (opens in new tab) retail for closer to a thousand dollars. Petoi can keep its production costs down thanks to its open hardware framework and open-source software platform.



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