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PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted will air on Thursday, November 30 at 10 am PST (1 pm EST, 6 pm GMT, 7 pm CET) to reveal the 25 most exciting games in development on PC.

This year’s second PC Gaming Show event is a little different than our annual June showcase, and an all-new concept: It’ll deliver a ranked countdown of 25 of the most exciting upcoming PC games voted on by over 70 expert panelists. The show will include new trailers, in-studio interviews, and announcements about games like Homeworld 3, Path of Exile 2, Unforetold: Witchstone, and Everywhere.

The Most Wanted list is the result of a voting process created by PC Gamer and undertaken by a group of industry luminaries, critics, and content creators that we’ve dubbed The Council. Each member of The Council scored a big selection of upcoming PC games based on their excitement for their eventual release, with some weight given to how much or little is known about each. The resulting list is an expression of what games the industry’s most prolific individuals can’t stop thinking about.

The Council members include:

  • Sid Meier (Civilization series)
  • Tim Schafer (Studio Head, Double Fine Productions)
  • Brenda Romero (Studio Director, Romero Games)
  • Chandana Ekanayake (Creative Director, Outerloop Games)
  • Mariina Hallikainen, (CEO, Colossal Order)
  • Steven Spohn (Director of AbleGamers)
  • Dean Hall (CEO at RocketWerkz)
  • Brian Fargo, Studio Head at Inxile Entertainment (Wasteland 3, Torment: Tides of Numenera)
  • Brianna Lei (indie developer, Butterfly Soup)
  • Jessica Klyne (Executive Producer, Blackbird Interactive)
  • Dave Oshry (CEO, New Blood Interactive)
  • Tanya X. Short (Captain of Kitfox Games)
  • Chris Bourassa (Creative/Art Director, Darkest Dungeon I&II)
  • Also joining The Council are prominent content creators including Day[9], DansGaming, Missmikkaa, Esfand, and Harrie Silver

PC Gamer’s global team of 28 editors joins this voting group to create a well-rounded set of perspectives that will continue to grow in 2024.

PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted will also include announcements and details on several other wishlist-worthy games outside the Most Wanted list.

PC Gaming Show regular Frankie Ward will present the Most Wanted list and all the other announcements when the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted goes live on Twitch, YouTube, Steam, and Bilibili on November 30.



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