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For at least a brief moment, OpenAI’s rivals caught a lucky break.

After spending the last year racing to catch up to the ChatGPT developer’s lead, OpenAI competitors learned the jaw-dropping news: the startup’s board had pushed out Altman.

By Sunday it looked like the reprieve would be short-lived, as growing employee and investor backlash to the OpenAI board’s decision put pressure on the board to reverse its decision.

But not before rivals like Cohere and Adept made a fresh effort recruit OpenAI employees, and Google’s DeepMind received an uptick in new resumes from OpenAI workers, according to people with direct knowledge.

The moves underscored the risk facing OpenAI after Altman’s ouster, as the departures of four top executives threatened to set off a cascade of resignations that could make it difficult for it to sustain the breakneck pace of development of the last year.



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