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This type of stacking technology is a novelty in the GPU sector, but some aspects of it have already been done in the CPU arena. AMD has given us some excellent 3D V-Cache processors such as the Ryzen 7 7800X3D, which produce chart-topping gaming performance. SK hynix has a similar idea in its method of stacking the HBM4 memory directly onto the processors. SK hynix aims to improve the dialog between them, removing the need for a traditional interposer alongside the components.

Interposers are what are used currently to connect both the memory and processor, using a 1028-bit interface. Removing this step of the process using the HBM4 memory stacking technique will make it a more simple process. This will also require its substantial heat output to be mitigated. HBM memory, like most high-end memory types that will work in demanding environments, pulls significant power. Finding ways to properly cool these designs while making the process efficient will be the key to its success. 

While this HMB4 stacking technology is still in the early stages, it holds promise for the future. NVIDIA plans to accelerate its growth as aggressively as possible, especially with the advent of AI becoming a worldwide phenomenon. While traditional methods of building these hyper-GPUs work for now, if progress is to continue at the same pace, these new developments will be vital.



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