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Google’s engineers must’ve been hungry when designing these latest updates, as Google Lens is getting a feast of new features that make it easier to find delicious-looking food.

Google Lens is Google’s picture-based search tool that allows you to use images instead of text; you can snap a picture or screenshot something and search for similar-looking images on the web (it’s Ctrl + F for the real world). Beyond that Google, Lens can also scan text in the image, letting you search what a written phrase means, look up help for your homework or translate some text.

Being able to look up what something is using a picture is certainly helpful, but if you’re like us you don’t just want to know what a delicious-looking meal is called, you need to know where you can go to munch on it right away. Well, the Google Lens Multisearch ‘near me’ feature allows you to search using a snapped picture of a food item, and then add a ‘near me’ tag to find a list of nearby locations that serve that food. 

Using Google Lens to search for Linzer Augen (Image credit: Google)

As seen in the example above, rather than trying to deduce what the treats are by googling ‘jam-filled cookies,’ the person was able to snap a pic to find out that they’re Linzer Augen. Then by tapping the search bar at the top they added ‘near me’ to discover close-by bakeries and restaurants that said they serve the treat.



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