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An MSI branded Intel Arc A380 graphics card has emerged online. It is the first example from one of the big three AIBs. Thus it is a significant find, even though the card is not available as a separate retail product, only as a component in pre-built MSI systems.

MSI’s first Intel graphics card in the shape of the Arc A380 graphics card is a low profile, or LP, model. It seems an appropriate choice for its 75W design. We looked at previous MSI LP designs with Nvidia and AMD GPUs, and while many also use two small fans, the cooling shroud design is new for Intel Arc. It is pleasantly sculpted but minimal, and we wonder if Intel had a hand in the design.

MSI is the first AIB to ship an Arc A380 with reference GPU and memory clocks. It probably helped it stick to the 75W TDP and may mean that it is entirely bus powered (it won’t need an extra power connector from your PSU). If this is so, but MSI’s specs don’t confirm it, then it could be a good choice for those upgrading PCs without any spare power connectors available. Previous A380 designs from Gunnir and ASRock need a supplementary 8-pin power connector.

(Image credit: MSI / JD)

We expect the MSI Arc A380 LP to perform slower than the OC examples from rivals. For instance, its GPU operates 20% slower than the Gunnir and 10% slower than the ASRock models we have seen.



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