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It’s that time of year again. You can save huge amounts of money on everything from training courses to full applications. This year, we’ve compiled a list of all the hot sales from our partners and listed them below. If you’ve been thinking about buying any of these, now is the time.

Laravel Specials

  • LaraJobs – $100 off any job listings through December 2nd. Use the coupon code blackfriday2023
  • Laravel News – Save 5% on any sponsored post, newsletter, or podcast plans purchased before December 1st. Contact us for scheduling.
  • Laravel Nova is offering 30% off all licenses.

Beyond Code

Save on all Beyond Code products:

  • Full Stack Bundle: Get Tinkerwell, Invoker, Expose Pro, HELO Pro, DevTools for Tailwind CSS, Windy, Desktop apps with Electron Video Course, PHP Package Development Pro Video Course all for $199
  • Tinkerwell lifetime license: The must-have tinker tool for every PHP and Laravel developer – php artisan tinker on steroids.
  • Expose Pro – Save 20% on Expose Pro!
  • Windy + Tailwind DevTools Bundle – Get the bundle that Tailwind CSS devs love!
  • Invoker – The ultimate Laravel developer tool
  • Helo – Painless local email testing for web developers.


Spatie offers coupons for their two SaaS products:

  • Oh Dear is the best all-in-one monitoring tool for your Laravel app. Not only can they monitoring uptime, but also make sure your scheduled tasks are running on time, Horizon is up, DNS is correctly configured, your SEO is ok, and much more! You can try it out for free using their extended 30-day trial. You can get 30% off on your first bill using this coupon when subscribing: BLACKFRIDAY2023
  • Flare: the best error tracker for Laravel, Use the code FLAREBLACKFRIDAY to get 50% off on your first 3 months.
  • Mailcoach Cloud, a great-looking, affordable service to create beautiful email campaigns, set up drip campaigns, A/B testing and send transactional emails. You can try Mailcoach 1 month for free by using the following code: MAILCOACHBLACKFRIDAY

There’s also a 30% discount on all their courses:

  • Laravel Beyond CRUD: learn how to build larger-than-average Laravel applications and maintain them for years to come. Recently Updated for PHP 8.3 / Laravel 1°.
  • Testing Laravel: The best course on how to write quality tests using the latest version of Pest and PHPUNIT
  • Laravel Package Training: An up to date course on creating packages using the latest version of Laravel.
  • Writing Readable PHP: a big collection of tips and tricks on how to write maintainable and readable PHP code.
  • Front Line PHP: building modern applications using PHP 8.3.
  • Event Sourcing in Laravel: A hands-on course to start using event sourcing in large apps.

They also have a 30% discount on all their digital products.

  • Ray: vastly improves your debugging workflow. Lifetime licenses available on Friday.
  • Self hosted Mailcoach: a self-hosted solution for sending out newsletters and drip campaigns affordably.
  • Media Library Pro: Upload components for Laravel Medialibrary (Vue, React and Livewire).
  • Laravel Comments: A beautiful Livewire v3 component to associate comments with models in your Laravel application.

Each day, they also have a special promotion with even deeper price cuts. You’ll find more info in their promo movie.

The Killer Black Friday Deal for Vue.js Developers

Introducing the Ultimate Vue Bundle! Get all the courses you need to master Vue.js and the wider ecosystem, along with the certificate to prove it! Build scalable, robust Vue.js apps knowing all the best practices, tips, and techniques from Vue.js experts and Core Team members. Get access to:

  • 1,050 premium video lessons,
  • Nuxt, Pinia, and Vue.js masterclass courses, and
  • The official certification and training for Vue.js Developer and Senior Vue.js Developer exams.

Save 64% with this Killer Deal! Buy now at


Once a year JMac discounts his courses and services – which are already priced low. So, these deals are crazy.

Harpoon Invoicing

Harpoon – The forward-looking time-tracking and invoicing software that helps your team plan & forecast a profitable future. Get 50% off your first 6 months by using coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY23

Stephen Rees-Carter – Laravel Security

Securing Laravel – Get 25% off the essential security resource for Laravel devs, covering everything you need to keep your apps secure through weekly security tips and monthly In-Depth articles.

Practical Laravel Security – Use promo code “BLACKFRIDAY” to get 25% off the hands-on Practical Laravel Security course that uses interactive hacking exercises to teach you how to keep your applications secure – because learning about security doesn’t have to be boring!

Simon Hamp

Laradir for Teams is on for $599/year. Price will go up to $1,499/year in the new year.

Gitamic – all prices are reduced by 30% or more – Simplifying and automating content localization in Laravel applications. Sign up for early access and enjoy up to 60% off on launch!

Backpack for Laravel – Admin Panels

Backpack – The first premium admin panel in the Laravel ecosystem has a huge sale – 40% discount across the board. This is an excellent moment to get a premium add-on for an incredible price! Just use the BLACKFRIDAY2023 coupon on checkout. It expires after 40 purchases or Dec 1st, so hurry up!

Ashley Allen

The discount code is for 30% off: BLACKFRIDAY2023


Servers for Hackers – $40% off all courses and books. Scale your apps, don’t waste time on server issues!

CloudCasts – 40% lifetime access to all AWS courses. Understand AWS and accelerate your career!


Screencasting – is $100 off with the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY.

Where possible, we use affiliate links, which give us a small kickback and help us run this site.



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