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While Intel plans to pull in release dates of its 13th Generation Core ‘Raptor Lake’ processors for notebooks, and many of these CPUs are set to be released later this year, until today, no benchmark results of those chips have leaked. Yet as Intel’s partners begin to test new processors, some of their findings inevitably hit the Web.

Today someone accidentally (or purportedly) published benchmark results of Intel’s Core i5-13600HX processor in BAPCo’s CrossMark benchmark (opens in new tab) (via @momomo_us (opens in new tab)). The CPU has 14 cores and can process 20 threads simultaneously, which means either a 6P + 8E configuration or a 4P and 10E cores configuration (we assume the latter). To add some context, Intel’s Core i5-12600HX processor has 12 cores (4P + 8E cores).



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