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Intel Graphics execs were guests on The WAN Show on Friday and had an exceptional product to showcase in front of the cameras for the first time. The Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition graphics card is unboxed, handed around, and rotated through all angles. But that isn’t all, the Intel PR folk discussed some technical details of this previously unrevealed graphics card, and there was some chat about gaming performance with the hosts.

The design of the A770 featured in the video has a lot in common with the Intel Arc A750, which we saw featured in an official performance preview yesterday. It has a similar-looking twin axial fan cooled shroud. However, befitting a reference model for the flagship Intel Arc Alchemist GPU, there are many more RGB lighting zones/effects, including the backlit logo on the top of the card and a diffused RGB light bar along the top/fan-side edge. In addition, slightly recessed behind the twin axial fans are diffused RGB light rings. Finally, a swash of RGB lighting is also visible on the backplate.



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