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For the first time in years—since the Tiny Living pack, probably—a Sims 4 expansion feels like it’s really for the Build Mode girls. There’s a lot of Live Mode gameplay coming in the For Rent expansion too, with tenant revolts and deadly mold and the dubious prospect of becoming a landlord Sim. But for now we’re firmly in the anticipatory creativity portion of the Sims DLC cycle, which means everyone is sharing beautiful townhouse builds that I’m going to snag off the gallery immediately.

Maxis showed off a new gameplay trailer for the For Rent expansion yesterday, explaining just how easy it’s going to be to segment up lots. Clicking on any defined room in a build will give you a dropdown to denote which unit in the lot it belongs to or if it’s a shared space. A new tab in the lot info menu will show info about each unit’s cost and dimensions. A different lot management menu will let you set rules for tenants like “no loud noises” or a maximum occupancy or a lease length.

There are details about past due rent and, my god, stealing your tenants’ stuff as compensation? I’m just going to breeze past that though because I know myself and I’m going to touch Live Mode for about 20 minutes after this launches and never again. Which is why I’m obsessed with the builds everyone’s been posting.

So many folks’ first inclination (including mine) is to make a cute row of townhomes. There’s something so enticing about a walkup bookended by two others with mismatched facades. It’s urban cottage core. It’s Gossip Girl. Anyhow, Sims players are posting some very lovely townhouse builds (below), some created after the For Rent announcement and others, like my own, that had been sitting wistfully in save files for years.

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But it doesn’t end at townhouses. The creative juices are already flowing beyond that endeavor, as seen in this adorable hamlet village by MalinDesigns.  

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I don’t know if For Rent’s multi-family homes will be quite as pervasive as the tiny homes everyone was building after the Tiny Living expansion, but I’m really looking forward to the weird setups folks dream up after we move on from the traditional townhome dreams. I know for a fact I already have a friend working on a trailer park too, and I’m sure many other styles of multi-family properties from around the world are going to start floating around social media.

The For Rent expansion launches on December 7 for $40.



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