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If you’re a recent graduate or entering the job market for the first time, there’s good news: Employers are planning to hire almost 30% more new graduates this year; and on LinkedIn, we’ve seen an almost 17% increase in entry-level job postings compared to last year. 

Yet despite all of the available opportunities, it can be challenging to know where to start. To help chart the path to your dream role, here are four ways you can kick-start your job search on LinkedIn. 

Create an engaging and authentic Profile

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a portfolio that reflects your unique talent and passions to potential employers. Turn on the “Open to Work” feature to signal to hirers that you’re open to new opportunities and include the types of roles you’re interested in, such as remote, hybrid, or on-site work environments. Turning on Open to Work doubles your likelihood of getting a recruiter message.

Representing yourself authentically is also important when it comes to workplace culture. Tailor your profile to not only include your experiences but also to reflect who you are. For example, you can list your pronouns or personalize your first “hello” with a profile video to share more about yourself and your career goals. 

Highlight top skills for the job you want

To identify potential candidates on LinkedIn, 40% of hirers today rely on skills, so show your skills by listing them in your profile. Start with the top five skills and feature the ones that can apply to roles you’re interested in. (Pro tip: Check out skill requirements listed in job descriptions for a better chance of recruiters discovering you.)

Also increasing your chances of being discovered: Add context for how you used your skills in the “Experience” section of your profile. You can do this by associating a skill with existing education, job, or internship experiences, or certifications. I also recommend adding detailed descriptions for how you put your skills to work. For instance, describe how you became an ace at PowerPoint during a previous internship, or gleaned problem-solving skills while waiting tables at your local restaurant. You’ll then see relevant roles based on how your skills line up with those listed in job descriptions and notify recruiters when there’s a strong match for open roles.

Grow and tap into the power of your network

On LinkedIn, make sure you’re connected with people you know—friends, former classmates, and especially your cousin (or anyone you know, for that matter) who recently scored a job at a company you’re excited about. Every week or so, carve out time to send a personalized message to someone in your network to share more about your career goals, the type of job you’re looking for, and if they might know of someone who can provide an introduction. Following “Company Pages” on LinkedIn is a great way to see if anyone in your network works at the organization, making it easy for you to reach out for a referral. 

There’s a free six-month LinkedIn Premium subscription available to new and existing Amazon Prime Student members for a limited time. In addition to having access to more than 17,000 LinkedIn Learning courses, a LinkedIn Premium subscription also provides monthly InMail credits, so you can write tailored notes to recruiters, hiring managers, or others outside of your immediate network to let them know you’re interested in an open role.

And, there’s a robust community of creators on LinkedIn who can offer creative inspiration and practical job seeking tips, like Stephanie Nuesi and Meagan Loyst. Follow posts, subscribe to newsletters, and attend live events to help guide your search.

Discover and land in-demand roles

LinkedIn’s 2022 Guide to Kickstarting Your Career offers insights, including which entry-level jobs and industries are most in demand right now—like staffing and recruiting, which saw a 50% uptick in hiring year-over-year. Free LinkedIn Learning courses, such as Job Search Nano Tips by Jerry Lee and Jonathan Javier, Professional Networking for Career Starters, and Landing Your Dream Job are also helpful to supplement your search skills.

All the best as you start your career journey. We’re rooting for you.

Rohan Rajiv is the group product manager of LinkedIn Talent Solutions.



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