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Tier-1 Gateway (also known as Tier-1 Logical Router): provides default gateway services for VMs attached to segments. It connects to one tier-0 gateway for northbound connectivity and one or more overlay networks for southbound connectivity.

Both types of gateways can include a distributed router (DR) and a service router (SR). Distributed routers are instantiated on transport nodes while service routers are being executed within NSX-T edge nodes. Service routers provide centralized functions such as NAT or load balancing.

How to deploy a T1 GW

Networking > connectivity > Tier-1 GW

Add Tier-1 GW

Provide a name for the T1 GW

For demonstration I am not selecting a T0 but will deploy later



Enable all static routes

Enable all connected segments and service ports


Close editing

Confirm status is successful

In addition, you can add a segment to a T1 GW



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