With iOS 16, you can create a Quick Note on your iPhone through Control Center or the Share screen.

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The Notes app for iOS has always been a handy way to create notes with text, images, links and other content. Beyond kicking off a regular note from the Notes app, you can now create a quick note on your iPhone.

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New with iOS 16, the Quick Note option is available from Control Center, so you can start one just by selecting the right control. The option is also accessible from the iOS Share screen, which means you can create a quick note from existing text, from an image or from a webpage. Here’s how this works.

How to create a Quick Note on iOS 16

To get started, update your iPhone to iOS 16 or higher if you haven’t already done so. Go to Settings, select General and then tap the option for Software Update. You’ll be told that iOS is up to date or prompted to download and install the latest update.

How to create a Quick Note from Control Center

To be able to create a Quick Note from Control Center, go to Settings and select Control Center. Swipe down the screen to the section for More Controls and tap the plus sign for Quick Note. Doing so adds it to the Included Controls section (Figure A).

Figure A

Image: Apple.

To create a Quick Note from any screen, swipe up or down to display Control Center and then tap the control for Quick Note. Type your note and then save it (Figure B).

Figure B

Image: Apple.

How to create a Quick Note from the iOS Share menu

You can also kick off a Quick Note from the Share menu. This is a handy option if you’re already working with a specific piece of content, such as an image, a website or another item.

Here are a few examples: Open a photo or image from your iPhone’s library. Tap the Share icon and select the option for Add to New Quick Note. Type the note and then save it (Figure C).

Figure C

Image: Apple.

Open a webpage that you want to refer to in a Quick Note. Tap the Share icon and select Add to New Quick Note. Type the note and then save it (Figure D).

Figure D

Image: Apple.

Finally, a Quick Note is saved just as a regular note. To access your Quick Notes and other notes, open the Notes app. Tap the Quick Note you want to view (Figure E).

Figure E

Image: Apple.



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