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A self-confessed hardware hacker has presented an ergonomic and easy-charging solution for users of the Apple Magic Mouse. Ivan Kuleshov on Twitter / X has uploaded a thread that shows a step-by-step spirit of DIY correction of the Apple mouse’s major sins. However, he promises a more thorough recipe and guide will be uploaded to GitHub in the coming days.

Apple’s pancake-flat minimalist mouse became something of a meme in its second iteration (2015) when Apple made it rechargeable but put the charging port on the bottom of the device, facing down. The third generation device (2022) didn’t change this design aspect. Due to the charging port placement, users must stop work to recharge their rodent, placing it flat on its back.

Kuleshov shares a few pictures, videos, and various explanations of his Magic Mouse modification project. It is easy to get a grasp of his holistic solution. A 3D printed spacer section separates the original Magic Mouse’s upper and lower shells, with a slight right-hand twist plus palm heel. The added layer also makes it easier to rejig the mouse innards and change the angle of the power connector so this mouse gets a more traditional tail. While conducting such surgery, Kuleshov also changed the charging port from Apple Lightning (on its way to the dustbin of history) for a standard female USB Type-C connector.

There were a few underlying design changes that weren’t required but added finesse to the hardware hack. The most important was adding electronics so the mouse was still responsive and powered while connected to a charge source. A 3D-printed inner section also helped Kuleshov provide a desk-side base for the sensor (no gaps or mirrors).

RGB Version on the Way? 

In response to various inquiries, Kuleshov revealed several prototypes he tried before going public with his hack. He also confirmed to the Twitterati that “a variant with RGB lighting based on RP2040” has even been tested.

Kuleshov confirmed that he will provide instructions for replicating his mods, which could happen as soon as today (or tomorrow). You are asked to follow his Twitter / X profile for GitHub links or hit refresh on Kuleshov’s Uptime Lab blog to learn more about the project.

Though we applaud the DIY spirit and re-imagining of the Apple Magic Mouse, very capable mice that don’t need modifications are already available.



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