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Vietnam’s Lê Thành, the self-proclaimed ‘King of VGA,’ is having some fun on Facebook (opens in new tab) (via I_Leak_VN (opens in new tab)). In photos and videos shared on the social media site, it looks like the store has started to use street trader tactics to grab passersby and sell them GPUs by the kilo.

Lê Thành shared pictures of dozens of used GPUs stacked up on the curbside in a clear parody of a Vietnamese street food stall. There is also a video with the vendor patiently waving away flies with a net, awaiting passersby. Then, a scooter stops, and the rider buys a bundle of GPUs after the seller weighs them, then drives off with them in a flimsy red takeaway bag. Other photos show the street seller waving used GPUs at scooter riders in the street. Moreover, there are stacks and stacks of GPUs shown in Lê Thành’s shop, with all the major brands represented.



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