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Google is delivering an emotional gut punch to the forgetful as it will soon remove location-based reminders.

The company didn’t make a public announcement, but some eagle-eyed users noticed the change in the Google Assistant Help page (opens in new tab). For those who don’t know or remember, you were able to create reminders to yourself according to a location. As an example, you could set a reminder to buy a gallon of milk at the supermarket, and if Google Assistant on your phone (opens in new tab) detects you driving past one, it’ll let you know.

It’s unknown why Google is doing this, nor do we know when this feature will be removed. We reached out to Google and asked if they could explain the decision to remove the Google Assistant feature and when people should expect this feature to be removed. Unfortunately, Google never got back to us. The only thing Google said on its help page in relation to this is that you can still create reminders based on time or create a routine for those locations. 



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