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#Element #1.11.50

Talk to everyone through the open global Matrix network, protected by proper end-to-end encryption. Element is a messenger that gives you the privacy you expect from a conversation in your own home, but with everyone across the globe.

Secure messenger

Conversations stay private with default end-to-end encryption and you control your data.

Voice and video

Unlimited 1:1 and group voice and video calls.

Secure communication

Unlimited end-to-end-encrypted messages and connections, internally and externally.

Collaboration tools

Improve team productivity with our add-ons bridges, bots and widgets.

Universal means it’s for everyone

You shouldn’t have to switch apps just because you’re talking to a different friend. Element works with all Matrix-based apps and bridges into proprietary messengers.

You have control. You own your data

No third party access, no data mining and no eavesdropping. Because no one wants to see a thousand pet insurance adverts just because they said they might get a dog.

Slick, fast and simple to use

So easy and natural that it’s a pleasure to use. Light, clean design. Fast, powerful and flexible. From first time users to power users on Android, iOS, desktop or web.

A part of the Matrix ecosystem

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralised communication, connecting 28M+ users over 60K+ deployments. Governed by The Foundation, the Matrix protocol is an open standard with open source implementations, supporting a vibrant developer ecosystem. Element was founded by the team behind Matrix as a way to bring it to the mainstream.

What’s New



  • Allow overwriting when popping out widgets (#1277). Fixes #1187.
  • Implement macos title bar negative space (#1272). Fixes #1245.
  • vector-im/element-x-ios/issues/1824 – Convert the apple-app-site-association file to a newer format… (#26307). Contributed by @stefanceriu.
  • Iterate io.element.late_event decoration (#11760). Fixes vector-im/element-web#26384.
  • Render timeline separator for late event groups (#11739).
  • OIDC: revoke tokens on logout (#11718). Fixes vector-im/element-web#25394. Contributed by @kerryarchibald.
  • Show io.element.late_event in MessageTimestamp when known (#11733).
  • Show all labs flags if developerMode enabled (#11746). Fixes vector-im/element-web#24571 and vector-im/element-web#8498.
  • Use Compound tooltips on MessageTimestamp to improve UX of date time discovery (#11732). Fixes vector-im/element-web#25913.
  • Consolidate 4s passphrase input fields and use stable IDs (#11743). Fixes vector-im/element-web#26228.
  • Disable upgraderoom command without developer mode enabled (#11744). Fixes vector-im/element-web#17620.
  • Avoid rendering app download buttons if disabled in config (#11741). Fixes vector-im/element-web#26309.
  • OIDC: refresh tokens (#11699). Fixes vector-im/element-web#25839. Contributed by @kerryarchibald.
  • OIDC: register (#11727). Fixes vector-im/element-web#25393. Contributed by @kerryarchibald.
  • Use stable get_login_token and remove unstable MSC3882 support (#11001). Contributed by @hughns.

Bug Fixes

  • Set max size for Element logo in search warning (#11779). Fixes vector-im/element-web#26408.
  • Avoid error when DMing oneself (#11754). Fixes vector-im/element-web#7242.
  • Fix: Message shield alignment is not right. (#11703). Fixes vector-im/element-web#26142. Contributed by @manancodes.
  • fix logging full event (#11755). Fixes vector-im/element-web#26376.
  • OIDC: use delegated auth account URL from OidcClientStore (#11723). Fixes vector-im/element-web#26305. Contributed by @kerryarchibald.
  • Fix: Members list shield alignment is not right. (#11700). Fixes vector-im/element-web#26261. Contributed by @manancodes.
  • Fix: HTML elements clickable area too wide. (#11666). Fixes vector-im/element-web#25454. Contributed by @manancodes.
  • Fix untranslated headings in the devtools dialog (#11734).
  • Fixes invite dialog alignment and pill color contrast (#11722). Contributed by @gabrc52.
  • Prevent select element in General settings overflowing in a room with very long room-id (#11597). Contributed by @ABHIXIT2.
  • Fix: Clicking on members pile does nothing. (#11657). Fixes vector-im/element-web#26164. Contributed by @manancodes.
  • Fix: Wierd shadow below room avatar in dark mode. (#11678). Fixes vector-im/element-web#26153. Contributed by @manancodes.
  • Fix start_sso / start_cas URLs failing to redirect to a authentication prompt (#11681). Contributed by @Half-Shot.



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