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It’s been a while since we’ve spotted a new RP2040 development board, so it’s nice to see the Beetle RP2040 from DFRobot (brought to our attention by CNX Software (opens in new tab)) added to a sector that already includes the PiMoroni Tiny (opens in new tab) and Adafruit QT Py (opens in new tab)

The DFRobot Beetle RP2040

(Image credit: DFRobot)

What stands out about the Beetle is that it has just 12 attachment pads with through-holes around its edge, compared to 26 on the larger Raspberry Pi Pico (opens in new tab), 19 on the Tiny, and 14 on the QT Py. Of these, two are GND, two voltage in/out, and the rest GPIO, enabling up to 2x I2C, up to 2x UART, SPI, and up to 2x analog inputs. In addition, being fewer and spread across three sides of the controller, the pads are larger than on other RP2040 devices at 4mm x 3.5mm, and easier to solder.



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