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In a significant stride toward more secure, efficient cloud solutions, Dell Technologies and Druva are expanding their work together. The partnership continues to deliver an innovative data protection solution, streamlining operations and optimizing costs with Dell APEX Backup Services, powered by Druva. This cutting-edge, 100% SaaS backup and recovery service empowers customers to automate processes, save valuable time and resources and bolster resilience against cyber threats such as ransomware.

Dell Technologies has been a trailblazer in innovation, consistently seeking partnerships that bring tangible value to its customers. Through our continued work with Druva, we bring a powerful data protection as-a-Service offering to customers that simplifies day-to-day operations and eliminates infrastructure management.  With an all-in-one solution for backup, disaster recovery and long-term retention, Dell is helping customers meet their evolving data protection requirements.

Dell is focused on elevating its data protection portfolio to offer modern enterprises the flexibility and scalability they need—and at the heart of this endeavor lies the cloud. Dell APEX Backup Services, built on Druva, employs a 100% SaaS approach that revolutionizes how organizations approach resilience and security. Unlocking unparalleled flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness, Dell APEX Backup Services empowers organizations to harness the potential of the cloud, ensuring their data is not only secure but also readily accessible whenever and wherever it’s required.

Our customers are always looking to us for a more secure, efficient and simple cloud-driven future to protect traditional and modern workloads from potential risk. Our continued collaboration with Druva reaffirms Dell’s commitment to providing industry-leading data protection solutions that not only simplify data protection but also enhance efficiency and agility for our customers.

Momentum, Growth and Market Trust

Dell’s APEX Backup Services has reduced data protection costs and complexity for more than 1,000 customers since its introduction in May 2021. In just two short years, we’ve secured data for more than 900,000 end-users and increased total data protected by more than 12X. Expanding our relationship with Druva demonstrates our commitment to seizing opportunities when the time is right.

Strengthening Security and Ransomware Resilience

Security threats, particularly ransomware attacks, pose a constant and ever-growing risk to businesses. Recognizing this, Dell has prioritized cybersecurity as a critical aspect of our partnership with Druva. Proven leaders in cyber resilience, Dell and Druva deliver a powerful combination of autonomous protection, rapid response and guaranteed recovery to better protect data and enable ransomware recovery in just hours rather than days or weeks.

“At Druva, we are thrilled to extend our partnership with Dell Technologies, which we believe is a testament to customer trust and market excitement surrounding APEX Backup Services,” said Jaspreet Singh, founder and CEO of Druva. “As ransomware continues to plague businesses of all sizes, Druva and Dell represent an ideal choice for modern IT, delivering accelerated ransomware recovery along with enhanced data security posture monitoring and observability—reducing incident response times and ensuring recovery readiness. With APEX Backup Services, customers embark on their cloud journey with confidence, knowing they have the best-in-class cyber resilience at their side.”

Dell Technologies’ expanded partnership with Druva is a game-changer for businesses seeking top-tier data resiliency. The success stories of our valued customers highlight the tremendous impact that APEX Backup Services can have on organizations.

  • Nuvance Health achieved 70% faster backup times while scaling protection effortlessly and cutting costs for safeguarding Microsoft 365 data, SQL databases and 1,600 VMware virtual machines.
  • The Illinois State Treasury Department reduced platform management time by 80%, securing over $50 billion in assets and sensitive data and bolstering its security posture.
  • TMS Entertainment, Ltd. in Japan eliminated its data center footprint and resolved backup errors instantly, enhancing operational efficiency.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Dell Technologies and Druva as we continue to lead the way in data protection and cyber resilience.

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