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Igor’s Lab (opens in new tab) has published an article discussing a potential solution to prevent Nvidia’s 16-pin power adapter from damaging the GeForce RTX 4090, one of the best graphics cards on the market. According to Igor Wallossek, the publication’s editor-in-chief, the solution could be to crimp the connectors, not solder them, since soldering introduces unwanted heat into the connector itself.

Wallossek contends that soldering is the arch-enemy of the 16-pin power connector. Soldering causes several problems that he says can lead to structural failures within the connector. His list of potential issues includes rigid tinning and soldering a stranded wire that is already under tension, processing a stranded wire in a way it will unravel and break, and more. But, one of the biggest problems is the soldering process, where air bubbles can form during the process, leading to corrosion.



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