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Chinese PC components maker JiuShark (via SI-129 (opens in new tab)) has launched a new M.2 heatsink with active cooling, called the JuiShark M.2 Three (opens in new tab). The JuiShark M.2 Three’s appearance could easily be mistaken for a modern CPU cooler, adopting the popular tower-style form factor. Over recent months we have seen increasingly elaborate and powerful M.2 cooling solutions launched to cool the best SSDs. The trend appears to be in preparation for M.2 drives getting hotter, with the introduction of super-fast PCIe 5.0 capable M.2 SSDs that’ll accompany AMD’s Ryzen 7000 processors.

JuiShark’s marketing spiel is that, as M.2 drives get faster, it is all the more important to keep them sufficiently cool for the sake of performance and data integrity – or something along those lines – as we had to rely on machine translation of the official blurb.



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