#China039s #Loongson #Faces #Overwhelming #Obstacles #Due #U.S #Restrictions

Loongson, one of the few Chinese CPU developers that can make competitive processors for client and server applications, is facing massive tailwinds due to its recent inclusion on the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Entity list. It’s spot on that list, which restricts its access to technologies from the U.S., won’t curtail its ability to make chips overnight, but a DigiTimes report suggests it could cause major issues in the coming years.

Unlike some other Chinese companies that use Arm and x86 instruction set architectures controlled by Western companies, Loongson’s CPUs rely on the company’s proprietary LoongArch ISA, which is backwards compatible with the MIPS architecture. As a result, it is impossible for the U.S. government to cut Loongson’s access to the latest CPU technologies. But Loongson uses American electronic design automation (EDA) software to develop its processors, whereas its manufacturing partner SMIC uses wafer fab equipment that originates in the U.S. 



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