Samsung sign on headquarters building in Milan, Italy. The Samsung Group is one of the largest electronics companies in the world. Milan, Italy - February 18, 2017
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Samsung Unveils Ultra-Wideband Chipset

Exynos Connect U100 is a chipset for short-range, broad-frequency solutions that require pinpoint tracking. Image: Arcansél/Adobe Stock Samsung’s Exynos Connect U100 is the company’s first

The Instabridge eSim on a phone.
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Beat the roaming charges with this eSIM

When you’re traveling for business, Instabridge eSIM allows you to forgo the roaming charges with an intuitive, budget-friendly solution. Image: Stack Commerce Even in the

The Deeper Connect Pico Decentralized VPN & Cybersecurity Hardware + Wi-Fi Adapter.
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Stay safe online anywhere with this innovative decentralized VPN

Enjoy a better, safer browsing experience for the remote working world with this exceptional deal. Image: StackCommerce In our deeply online world, cybersecurity should be

A person using a phone.
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Get a second phone number for only $25 until 3/31

Get an affordable new number for a lifetime to use for work texts, socializing and everything else. Image: StackCommerce There are so many ways a

Wireless network and connection city
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10 Wi-Fi Configuration Tips From Apple

Image: Peera/Adobe Stock In the process of troubleshooting intermittent Wi-Fi connections on an isolated network using an Apple Silicon M1-powered MacBook Pro, I came across

This photo shows someone view a mobile phone and drinking coffee.
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How to customize Outlook for Mac mail

Microsoft recently made Outlook for Mac free, a move sure to encourage adoption. If you’re using Outlook for Mac, or thinking of making the change,

An Apple brand Macbook sits on a brown desk next to an open notebook.
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Microsoft offers Outlook to Mac users free of charge

Outlook for Mac is now available through the App Store for macOS. Image: Pixabay On March 6, Microsoft announced that the native Outlook for Mac

A Nokia G22.
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Nokia smartphone with DIY features launches

The Nokia G22 smartphone comes with components you can easily dismantle and offers a repair manual from iFixit. Image: Nokia At the Mobile World Congress

The Apple logo with a hand holding a lock.
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Setting up security keys for Apple accounts

Learn how to pick, set up and use physical security keys with your Apple ID account on iOS and macOS for an added layer of

Two users holding up iPhone 14s.
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Customizing the always-on display for iPhone 14

Learn how to customize your always-on display on iPhone 14 to match your desired preferences for the screen, including turning the feature off completely. Image: