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(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

The Raspberry Pi is hard to get ahold of right now—we even have a guides dedicated to helping users who want to know where you can buy a Pi 4 or buy a Pico W right now. But that hasn’t stopped makers from doing their best to get their hands on these classic SBCs and building amazing projects to share with the world. Most of these projects are open source so you can recreate them or share them with anyone you like.

These makers use the best Raspberry Pi accessories and Raspberry Pi HATs to create some truly awe-inspiring creations as well as fun novelty projects that make for a fun afternoon activity. If you’re looking for something creative, complex or even just simple to tinker with, this list of projects should get your juices flowing.

Raspberry Pi Pico Smart Door Lock with Alexa

(Image credit: Jithin)

One things for sure, we love the Raspberry Pi Pico and pretty much every other board the RP2040 chip has powered. This project is using the RP2040 to power a custom door locking system. Not only is it remotely operated, it integrates with Amazon Alexa to work as a voice-controlled device.



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