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Intel has revitalized the midrange graphics card market with the company’s latest Arc A770, which will make its way into the list of best graphics cards. Starting at $329, the Arc Alchemist graphics card brings GeForce RTX 3060-like performance to the table with Resizable BAR (ReBAR) enabled, of course. But, without ReBAR or similar technology like Smart Access Memory (SAM), it’s another story.

With Arc, Intel recommends potential consumers make sure their systems support ReBAR or SAM. The chipmaker has been very open about it and publishes it on its website (opens in new tab). ReBAR isn’t mandatory but recommended since the chipmaker built its graphics cards and drivers around ReBAR. Intel fellow Thomas A. Peterson (TAP) said, “If you have an older PC without ReBAR support, just buy an RTX 3060, don’t bother with Arc.” Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Arc graphics cards suffer a performance penalty on systems that lack support for ReBAR. Media news outlet TechPowerUp (opens in new tab) has tested the Arc A770 with ReBAR disabled, and the results speak for themselves.



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