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A new limited edition apple-scented thermal paste was launched in Japan today. A collaborative effort between M1N1ing and Clock Work Tea Party, the Extreme Muglis 4G Apple Edition EG4GAP paste is formulated for room-temperature overclocking antics. No, this isn’t designed for Apple’s Mac computers, it just reportedly smells like an Apple and comes in green.

The thermal paste was first reported by Japanese publication Hermitage Akihabara. While it doesn’t offer a reasoning for the scent, the idea behind the suitably apple green color is that it contrasts better with the silver metal IHS which caps a processor, making it easier to ensure even and complete coverage. “Painting” a CPU isn’t our recommended method of applying thermal paste, so the color coverage explanation doesn’t really work for us.

Clock Work Tea Party EG4GAP is a special edition release of the seemingly popular CWTP-EG4G thermal paste (it’s out of stock). Apart from the scent and color, the pastes appear to have the same specifications:

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Thermal conductivity when new

12.8 W/m·K or more

Thermal conductivity after five years

8.8 W/m K

Thermal resistance

0.07 °C cm²/W at 60Psi

Package size

4 g

Specific gravity

2.6 g/cm


45 CPS / 22 ℃

Temperature range

-50 to 220 ℃


non-conductive:  aluminum oxide, zinc oxide

(Image credit: Clock Work Tea Party )

In some supplemental information about the quality of the new CWTP-EG4GAP paste, it is described as using extremely fine particles precipitated using ultrasonic technologies. Considering the specs, its 12.8 W/mk thermal conductivity is a smidgeon better than the well-regarded Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. However, we can’t say anything about the actual performance, ease of use, or cleanup of EG4GAP, without some testing time.

The Extreme Muglis 4G Apple Edition EG4GAP paste is going to be a limited release of 1,000 syringes. It thus might be difficult to get a review sample for our extensive best thermal pastes roundup. At the time of writing the product page doesn’t load, but sales are supposed to go live from November 24. The retail price is said to be 980 Yen, which is about $6.50.

Just remember, don’t ingest any thermal paste, regardless of whether or not it smells like food.



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