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Throughout several decades of video game development, there are tens of titles that we call legendary, but perhaps just about a dozen games are trend-setting. Wolfenstein 3D was undoubtedly one of those titles that created a new genre of games — first-person shooter. Then Wolfenstein got a remake in the form of Return to the Castle Wolfenstein in 2001. Now, Wolfenstein is reborn once again as an AMD engineer is adding a path tracing patch to the 21-year-old game.

“I’m’ so excited to announce my newest project, Wolf PT: A real-time path tracer for Return to Castle Wolfenstein,” wrote Dihara Wijetunga, a senior graphics R&D engineer at AMD, over on Twitter (opens in new tab) (Via Overclock3D (opens in new tab)). Based on ioRTCW with a custom DX12 backend. It’s’ still very early in development, so here’s a few comparison shots. Expect more soon!”



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