ADReaper is a tool written in Golang which enumerates an Active Directory environment with LDAP queries within few seconds


You can download precompiled executable binaries for Windows/Linux from latest releases

Install from source

To build from source, clone the repo and build it with GO

$ git clone
$ cd ADReaper/
$ go build


ADReaper performs enumeration with various commands that performs LDAP queries with respective to it

PS C:\Users\redteamer\Desktop\shared> .\ADReaper.exe
-command string
Command to run
dc – to list domain controllers
domain-trust – to list domain trust
users – to list all users
computers – to list all computers
groups – to list all groups with members
spn – to list service principal objects
never-loggedon – to list users never logged on
gpo – to list group policy objects
ou – to list organizational units
ms-sql – to list MS-SQL servers
asreproast – to list AS-REP roastable accounts
unconstrained – to list Unconstrained Delegated accounts
admin-priv – to list AD objects with admin privilege
-dc string
Enter the DC
-filter string
Filters to use for users/groups/computers
list – lists all objects only
fulldata – list all objects with properties
membership – lists all members from an object
(default “list”)
-name string
Pass object name of user/group/computer
-password string
Enter the Password
-user string
Enter the Username

To query the properties of Domain Controller of the domain,

.\ADReaper.exe -dc -user -password -command dc

To query the Trust Attributes of the domain,

.\ADReaper.exe -dc -user -password -command domain-trust

To list all Users from the domain,

.\ADReaper.exe -dc -user -password -command users

To list all Users with attributes from the domain,

.\ADReaper.exe -dc -user -password -command users -filter full-data

To list the membership of the Specific User,

.\ADReaper.exe -dc -user -password -command users -name -filter membership



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