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Umesh Unnikrishnan Leader Spotlight

Leader Spotlight: Finding product-market fit during the invention stage, with Umesh Unnikrishnan

Umesh describes his experience taking products from zero to one at early-stage startups and how that process differs at a large enterprise.

How To Calculate The Payback Period

How to calculate the payback period

The payback period is the length of time it takes for a new feature to generate the amount of money it costs to develop.

Puneet Tangri

Leader Spotlight: Focusing on innovation catalysts, with Puneet Tangri

Puneet Tangri talks about two product groups or functions that you always need in the technology world: innovation catalysts and growth PMs.

Connected Work: Navigating The Chaos Of Collaboration

Connected work: Navigating the chaos of collaboration

By making critical information more accessible, reducing meetings, and consolidating communications, you can make your product design process smoother.



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