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One of the things I have wanted to do for a while is to post the abstracts I submit for various conferences. This is my first attempt at doing just that. These are the abstracts I can publish, that I submitted for NVIDIA GTC 2023 (spring). There is one abstract I can’t share with folks because it’s closely related to a project I’m working on. It’s also worth noting that none of these abstracts were accepted for the conference this year. However if you have a user group or a conference where you would like to hear about these topics please use the contact page and let me know.

Session Title: How to deliver Red Hat OpenShift with NVIDIA GPU capabilities on bare metal hyper-converged infrastructure

Session Abstract: Your organization uses Red Hat OpenShift for its workloads from containers to VMs. The only thing left to do… get your NVIDIA GPUs up and running in your OpenShift environment. Oh yeah, it’s on bare-metal, and you need to support multi-instance GPUs (MIG). This might sound daunting to accomplish. First you must install the NFD Operator, then the NVIDIA GPU operator, and finally you’ve got to configure MIG. If all that seems like a foreign language don’t worry, Tony and Praphul will guide you through the process step by step. They will demonstrate step by step how to bring NVIDIA GPUs into your OpenShift environment. They will even take it one step further and do it on a Dell PowerFlex hyper converged bare metal environment. If you’re using Red Hat OpenShift this is a session you won’t want to miss.

Session Title: Your MLOps desktop delivered virtually, the details behind the magic

Session Abstract: MLOps, it’s been a big buzzword for a few years. Everyone is trying to hire MLOps engineers from the financial institutions, to retailers, to the agriculture industry. That comes with some big issues for IT, like how do we get someone working from home a powerful MLOps capable work environment? And even more importantly how do we do it at scale? In this session join the WonderNerd for a deep dive into the magic of delivering Linux based virtual desktops for MLOps users. We will look at how to build Linux VDI environments using VMware vSphere and VMware Horizon. This session will go well beyond traditional VDI use cases, covering multi-instance GPUs (MIG) and designing virtual desktops with multiple vGPUs. We’ll then look at how these virtual desktops can be integrated with an existing MLOps strategy to scale as more engineers join the organization. We’ll even look at some examples of how all this can be easily automated as well as ways to reclaim resources at the end of a project.



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